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Facebook Interests: Do They Ever Change?

Here's a screen grab of my current Facebook interests:

Not a ton of stuff on there, yet telling about me personally. Yes I do like architecture and interior design, and read a ton of blogs on the subject every day. Dig around further in my Facebook page and you will find that I have a 500 gallon salt water aquarium in my house.

Now all of these interests were set up when I set up my profile some years ago - and they haven't changes since. And yet - I have a lot of other interests - I have just never gone back and changed anything in here.

Given the ever more targeted advertising being done with the aid of companies like Raptor Ventures portfolio company Graph Science, I got to thinking: shouldn't there be an easier way to update your interests on the fly from anywhere on the web?

How do I see a site on Virgin Gorda (my favorite Caribbean island) and mark it as an interest so that it becomes easier for Caribbean travel companies to find me?

How do we make it easier to use the social media tools we have to serve us - rather than us serving them?

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